I have recently been inspired by various people who have all taken initiative to start something, whether it's a project, a journey, a relationship, etc. These are people who in several cases started something not knowing if they will achieve any sort of "success" from it, but simply sow into it because they enjoy it and trust that if there is something really to it, they will reap in time. The Pecans! project I collaborated on while at PieLab was recently featured as a case study in Designing for Social Change by Andrew Shea. I got to give a short little Pecha Kucha rundown on the project at his book release which was definitely fun. As a follow up afterward and a "thank you" for his taking such initiative, I sent him a Banksy quote I read last year that stuck with me: "Most people never take their initiative because no one told them to." I loved his poignant response: "I like that Banksy uses 'initiative' instead of 'talent' in that quote. Talent evolves with effort." Fantastic insight. Maybe it's now not a matter of asking "What do I already know I'm good at?" and instead asking, "What need do I see and what solution do I know I can get started on?" and then start honing those talents as part of the process.