After Turkey, I flew to meet my parents in Rome for their first trip to Europe. We had a blast! It was also the first time I had ever repeat-visited a city in Europe (aside from those around us in Spain). It was interesting to see it differently on a second voyage. I mean, it's Rome. Not sure there is much new I can add to the conversation that other people haven't said better. So for now I'll just stick to pictures.

This is the street with our apartment. This was also the first time I had used a rent-by-owner apartment site. The one we found was perfect! Cheap, convenient and with the cutest, peppiest owner. When we came wandering down the street with luggage, there she was in the top window, calling to us with a "Yoohoo! Just come to the top floor!" She then gave us her own run down of things to do. You can't beat getting a true Roman to tell you about their own city.

Arch of Constantine, built to commemorate the legalization of Christianity by Emperor Constantine.

Piazza Navona

St. Peter's Basilica

Peter and Paul's jail cell (where it is traditionally said that they were, though not at the same time).