Meandering in Tuscany

The beauty of technology is that plans can be made somewhat last minute very easily. I waited until we got to Tuscany to get winery suggestions because I figured the locals could give better recommendations than random online searches. This meant with a handy iTouch and wifi in every hotel, we could make plans up to the last minute. We found the perfect vineyard to visit in Montalcino. Stopped in Montepuciano for a memorable cappuccino (oh the coffee! one of the main things I miss from Spain and Italy!). Headed over to Cortona to soak in the inspiration for Under the Tuscan. A bit cliché, but it is shamelessly one of my favorite flicks. We had rented a car, and my poor, good-sport dad humored my mom and I by driving up and down this curvy, one-lane wide hillside, in a stick-shift car, looking for the house used in the movie. Sadly after several turn-arounds and ups-and-downs we agreed to abandon the mission as it felt like the price of expiring patience wasn't the price to pay for a quick glimpse at a house. Tourist-laden it may be, but there's something magical about Tuscany. Something that connects culture and nature. Hearty work with pristine art. Knowledge revolution with an almost moral commitment to enjoying la dolce vita. Traditional cuisine with a passion hard to fully absorb without actually being Tuscan.

You know it's good bread when it comes just stacked in bins.