After I finished my school year in Galicia, Spain, I traveled for the month kicking it off with a very cold night spent on an airport floor in Bergamo, Italy. It was the only cheap RyanAir flight I could find and when I booked it sounded like a great money saver idea. When the reality of staking out a spot on a tile floor in a tiny airport where all the seats were taken, and the door kept opening letting in cold breezes. I took the morning bus out of there to Milan and met up with my brother for two weeks of wonderful adventure. One of the nice things about the trip was that I only had a 15 pound backpack with me. I wasn't about to pay for luggage on that many flights and also wanted to be able to travel super light. It's amazing to realize how little we actually need to live on, and how liberating it actually is to only have with you exactly what you need. I just learned to do sink laundry in the hotels and it worked like a charm.

We started in Milan, Italy so we could catch the last day of the Giro d'Italia bike race. The course that day was a time trial which meant there were biers to watch trickle in all afternoon, but it also meant there was no dramatic sprinting going on. We staked out a spot near the cathedral right where the riders came out of a turn. The pro to this is that they had to slow down enough so you got a better look at them/the bikes, but the con is that they were just flying at top speed.

Some good 'ol American dorkiness.

The perfect caffeine shot.

Pizza: most definitely on my top-three list for my death-row meal.