Se come bien...

Before leaving for Portugal for the week, everyone kept telling us "se come bien"--they eat well there. And were they right! Everyone also kept telling us how good the coffee would be, according to Portugal's reputation for some of the best coffee. Our only hypothesis for why it would be any better, seeing as it was made the exact same way in Spain, would be that maybe they had colonized better coffee-producing countries and still reap the benefits from that.

Orpheu Caffé we found recommended in a New York Times article on what to do in 36 hours in Libson. In front of me is my goat cheese, tomato, honey and spices toast. You can drool.

Honestly, this looks better than it was. A seeming volcano of chocolate goodness turned out to be a super dense fruit cake type material beneath all that chocolate.

We trekked out to the edges of the city to find these famous custard-type pastries made by monks in the monastery on the water.

Frango!!! This is one of Portugal's signature dishes: spice covered chicken. Our hostel receptionist (which was the best hostel ever!) recommended this to us as the local working-man's restaurant, La Casa da India (I think), with legitimate Portuguese cuisine. They were just cranking out plates full of chicken off of the grills open for customers to see. And the good news: this only cost about six euros.