Galicia countryside

Taken on train from Santiago to Ourense. The gorgeous Galician countryside. Looks more or less like what I pass on the way to work everyday. Stone houses with little vineyards and patches of gardens. Sometimes women herding goats. Here is a Tour Galicia video (it's a bit sensual, sorry, but so is every advertisement here-there are definitely different guidelines on what's appropriate!). As Katie's film professor at Auburn explained it, Spanish film has way more nudity and sex than American film because for them it's beautiful/natural, and way less violence because it is something very offensive and natural. Trying to stay objective on my blog! Not saying what's better/worse about each place, just noting differences, but the whole point of travel is to immerse yourself in a DIFFERENT place. To see a new way of life. Alternative ways of doing things. New ways of approaching life, food, people, art, transportation, etc. We might return home to choose our culture's ways over the other's. But the point is that we experienced something different. I imagine at the end of this year, I'll return to sweet you-know-what Alabama and slip more or less back into "normal" life wherever that may mean, but there's no way I'll be able to return without appropriating some of these new things I've seen here.

"We do not take a trip; a trip takes us." -John Steinbeck