El Camino

After talking to all of the pilgrims on the Camino on our Santiago/Finisterre trip, all of my romantic dreams of doing it someday have been shattered. Their stories of bed bugs, wet clothes because you don't have time to stay in a place two days to let your laundry dry, having to start walking at 8:00 am which here means in the dark of night, etc. all sort of took any of those desires away. One of them told us that a good majority of people on the alk now are Germans and South Koreans. A Korean reporter or actress or something wrote a book or made a TV series on it, so it's now a popular destination for Koreans. I think a Martin Sheen movie comes out soon called The Way which will mean hoards of Americans will probably come too. For the Germans it was a popular book by a comedian, Hape Kerkeling. I loved a quote from his book I heard on a Rick Steves podcast: "The creator tosses up into the air and then to our happy amazement catches us again at just the right moment. It is like the spirited game parents play with their children. The message is: "Have faith in the one who's tossing you because He loves you and will quite un-expectedly be the one to catch you too. And when I think back on all that has happened along the way I realized that God kept tossing me into the air and catching me again. We encountered each other every single day." Hape Kerkeling

I definitely feel like I can relate to the feeling of being tossed (lost, unsure) but then feeling like He catches you and all is actually well.