Perfect Day

I promise more photos coming soon when I remember to bring my camera to the cafe with me! We took the train from Ourense to Vigo yesterday. It takes almost double the time a bus takes but it was like a dream. I got on the train thinking that I'd read or sleep the two hours there but I couldn't peel my eyes from the window. It was like a scene out of Lord of the Rings or a fairy tale. Everything I read about Galicia before coming used the word mystical and now I understand. The blankets of fog here every morning conceal parts of the landscape like they're hiding things in the mountains. As it recedes throughout the day it spreads into finger-like strands like it's releasing it's grip finger by finger from the land. The train followed the Miño River for the majority of the journey as it wound through mountains. There was little development on the river except for some rural towns or plots of family-cultivated land. Katie and I sat jaw-dropped the whole trip.

The purpose of our trip to Vigo was to hang out with Marta, a sibling in the Morales Iglesias family and see some of the other assistants with our program. Marta graciously invited us to go on her friend's sailboat in the bay. We crossed the bridge the other day over the bay and I remember looking out thinking, "Wow, so beautiful, but I'll probably never be on that water and able to see Vigo from the sea." And here we are three weeks in and I'm on a boat. It was a PERFECT DAY. The family was arms-wide-open welcoming as everyone here. And as usual, the conversation was engaging and interesting. My impression before coming (and based on my previous time in Europe) was that there is a bit of a sensitive spot between Americans and Europeans. Many Americans tramp through Europe very insensitively and very arrogantly, leaving a bad taste on the local palates. However, everyone here has shown much interest in our lives in American and have assured us that they like Americans. Whew.

We were able to sail over to a beach, past the mussel traps, and near the Islas Cies. Seeing Vigo from the water was fantastic! I just stretched out, threw off my extra sweater, rolled up my jeans and basked. So thankful for Marta, Elena, and her family. A little Frank Sinatra in the background from the boat speakers set the perfect scene.