One of the main customs I have had to dive right into is the kissing on both cheeks every time you meet someone or meet up with/say goodbye to a friend. It was surprisingly really easy to get used to. I actually like how it instantly means you feel closer to a person when you meet them because there isn't the polite distance of shaking hands between you. When we went out with Pedro and Pablo to the bar in Vigo, we met another American with our program. Naturally, I shook hands with him. Pablo and Berta thought this was so strange and funny that we would do that and then mandated that "You're in Spain, you have to kiss!" In general the culture is here is much more physically affectionate. People stroll down the main street in the evening arm in arm (between friends, or family members). There is a lot more PDA as well…I have decided that if I were a photographer I would shoot my first series here on bus departure make-out sessions. Last night there were three young couples around us kissing like this was their final goodbye forever because one of them was getting on a bus to go back to school for the week.