Toner table

Charles comes in and gets coffee everyday so we thought we would go check out his hair studio across the street. What a tour. He cuts hair in the front room, has a tanning bed, and this incredible chunk of machinery he called a toner table. You just lay on it and it moves your body in ways to work certain muscles, keeping you tone. He also pulled out his bike and has been riding it around town. He commented, "Yeah, I've been riding my bike like you guys to the MUstanggg!" After our tour of his place he showed us his pictures of his travels all over the world from when he was in the Navy. Brian was asking him why, after having seen so much of the world, would he re-settle here. His response: "Because I can do anything I want to here. If I want to hunt, fish, golf, whatever, I can do it. People say there's nothing to do but I find a lot to do." This offered us valuable insight as we have been wrestling with the question, "Why Greensboro?" We have all tossed around ideas as to how to promote Greensboro to locals by glorifying the things here people might take for granted and to outsiders by really broadcasting the potential greatness of Greensboro. But then we get to "Why?" We have all enjoyed our time here, but why promote it? What is the appeal? If artists, designers, filmmakers, architects, anyone...were to come populate this as an artist community, what is here that is so great and bursting with potential? Stay tuned for some answers hopefully.