Southern Hospitality

People around here take good care of us. I am constantly blown away by how generous people are here. Last week, Wayne Whitman, a local with a blueberry patch, let us come and pick some blueberries to put in our pies. When we left he also drove over and gave us some watermelon and pickles. Another local, Thomas Moore, stopped in that afternoon to give us some fresh tomatoes. He popped his head in the door and said, "Hello, yankee-doodle0-dandies." Everyone assumes we're all yankees here and then I get to just smile and say, "No ma'am/sir, I'm from Auburn, just three hours up the road." My grandmother's long time friend has stopped in twice and brought us banana bread and a coconut pie. Charles brought us a mosquito repellent plant this morning and some seeds to grow some more.

I continue to be amazed at everyone's eagerness to give.