It's making sense.

Yesterday, more than any has solidified for me what Pie Lab is about. The short version is that it is a neutral place to foster conversations that inform ideas that lead to meaningful designs for positive changes. People from the community stop in for pie and stay to chat. This leads to the discussion of ideas and and we get to describe why we're here, which sounds so odd at first but then seems to make perfect sense. It's like what Eric Heiman, an advisor in town last week explained to us: "Good design isn't 'Wow! Huh?'. Good design is 'Huh? Wow!'" That's exactly what Pie Lab is: "Huh? How do pie and design relate at all?" or "Huh? How does gardening or bikes, or fishing with fireworks or talking to priests relate to design?" But then you start to see how these connections and conversations all inform each other and "cross pollenate" ideas, and then, "Wow!..." After our dance party in the morning (see a few posts down), a couple stopped in on their way from New Jersey to New Orleans. They were on their way through town because they spent last night in Tuscaloosa, their reason being that when the guy was in Ohio at a RadioShack years ago when they asked for his address. He thought it was silly so just pulled "123 Main Street, Tuscaloosa, Alabama" out of the air because he liked the way it sounded. Since their travels were bringing them this way, he knew he had to make a stop in Tuscaloosa. On their way down from T-town to New Orleans today, they saw our Pie sign on Main Street in Greensboro and stopped in for lemonade and pear-berry pie Breanne made. We told them all about what we do here and how it's a place where we hope people do exactly like they did: come in for pie, stay to chat, share a story, leave inspired by such a random little treat. They were both Episcopal priests so we showed them the local priest's business card he gave us yesterday with the caption "Priest-in-charge." It was a vibrant conversation that left us grateful for another meaningful personal contact.