Crate Gallery

Tonight we converted half of Pie Lab into a gallery and had an art show for Scott Hamilton, a local who comes in to draw every day. He's very talented, drawing mostly comic book figures, architectural structures, and landscapes of the future. My favorites were his interpretation of four different states in the year 3000. I'll post photos if I get some soon--I think I accidentally deleted them because they definitely weren't on it anymore...woops! It was a big success with a room full of people. Half way through we moved to the shipping container the Project M participants have been turning into a mobile Pie Lab. He did several quick drawings on the dry erase board to christen our first use of the space. You can see his work at www.javacolors.com. At the end, I heard him on the phone saying, "I couldn't be no more happier." Worth every ounce put into this place.