When you have a stream of paying client work, it can feel like an arduous, non-efficient task to turn your gaze to your own work/brand and apply the same principles of design and communication. I am a mother of a one-year-old and we moved our family to Japan five months ago. The last several years have been a series of changes every few months (mostly by choice!), ping-ponging between the USA, Spain and Japan. As life changes, so does your perspective, organization and schedule. All of these factors influence your work and professional direction. It requires reflection on your priorities and how to map them out into the 24 hours a day we each have. 

I have finally taken the moment to refresh my own business identity as we have re-settled into a new season of life. And it feels good! I'm still sorting out details and wrapping my head around how to convey what I do and how to do more. Designing is the foundation of all that I do professionally, but design can also lend itself to many more creative endeavors than just "graphic design." Figuring out this shift in creative direction means letting the messiness of the brainstorming in progress lead to new endeavors. But for now, I'm jumping for joy that my new platform for communication is up and in action! Thanks for following along!